What is the PD Project

The personal development world can become one where nothing and no one is ever good enough. Personal development is not a destination. It’s about cultivating contentment around your effort of becoming all you can be. Becoming all you can be requires: Self knowledge, Lofty but realistic aspirations, and confidence in yourself.

We aim to create content that will provide freedom and fulfillment through balance and personal awareness.

We seek to help you:

  1. Strengthen self awareness and identity

  2. Develop talents and potential

  3. Enhance your quality of life by contributing to the realization of dreams and aspirations

There have been several turning points in my personal development journey.

One of these turning points has been realizing the essential nature of getting up early.

If you’ve ever spent time camping you may have heard the term “dawn patrol.” This refers to the person who is given the task of getting up early to get the fire started and get camp ready before the day begins. Getting up early and being on “dawn patrol” has become one of my favorite things, and to me the rooster is the perfect image to symbolize that.

I actually have roosters and they are very annoying, but that’s not the point.

Why the Rooster?