I’m Stephen, and this is my PD Project

I have always enjoyed learning. I still do.

And although this is true, I have never excelled in school. I was never smart enough (see previous statement about excelling in school) to hang with the nerds. I wasn’t athletic enough to fit in with the jocks either. In college I began exploring art and design. I enjoyed this too, but again I didn’t fit. As a matter of fact I got dropped from my art program in college for not being good enough. 

The truth is no one really fits in in high school and college, but that’s another talk for another time. 

After college I again felt I wasn’t a good fit—this time from a career perspective. As I considered giving formal education another go in the form of an MBA, I stumbled across The Personal MBA by Josh Kauffman during my research into business programs. 

It was while reading Kauffman’s book that I first considered that I might already have all the tools I need to get where I want to go with my education. I was soon convinced I possessed these tools. 

Around the same time I discovered The Personal MBA, I also began to discover my struggle with depression, anxiety, and anger. 

I spent a lot of time trying to figure these things out, which continues to be an ongoing journey for me. I knew early on that I wanted to avoid prescription medication at all costs as a way of dealing with these problems. I started to ask myself this: if I already had all the tools I needed to for learning, do I already possess the tools I need for healing as well? 

I needed change in my life, but I didn’t like change.

I wasn’t even sure positive change was possible for me. The truth is change is hard, and I wanted some things to stay the same. 

I also had a certain amount of discomfort as I observed the way people around me were changing. Part of my resistance to change in my own life was connected to seeing the change in others and feeling like they were doing what I wanted and needed to do. 

I went back to something I love to do—learning. I started reading as much as I could to learn about how to change.

It was then that I discovered the concept of personal development. 

The world of personal development was vast. I found a lot of different kinds information—sometimes conflicting with one another. 

To narrow my focus I started using 3 principles to guide my work. I wanted to pursue and implement information that would:

  1. Improve my self awareness and identity 

  2. Develop my talents and potential 

  3. Enhance my quality of life by contributing to the realization of my aspirations and dreams. 

Over the last few years I’ve continued to use these principles to guide my way in my personal development. That’s what you will find in the journal and throughout the site. I want to do my best to provide information to help you in your own journey. I hope to provide information across a variety of topics using the same 3 principles to guide my writing.

My goal is to help you increase your own healthy self awareness, develop your talents, and help you realize your dreams and accomplish your goals.